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Interesting Facts About Auto Body Collision Repair

auto collision center

auto collision center

Based on 2017 statistics by the Texas Department of Transportation, there was one reportable crash every 59 seconds. Some of these crashes are major accidents and some minor collisions. Many of these traffic accidents, however, will require some form of auto body repair, as it is very common that a passenger door, driver door, bumper, or hood gets bent, sunk in, or damaged. Auto body repair is an art all of its own, and it combines a variety of skill sets and knowledge in order to be mastered. We thought we’d take a look at some interesting facts about what we do.

#1 Collision Damage is More Than Meets the Eye

There is a common mistake out there that leads people to believe that external body damage is merely on the surface. Whenever your vehicle impacts another vehicle or a hard surface, the reverberations of that travel throughout the entire frame of the car. They often shake things loose, cause leaks, bend or break body panels, frame components, wheels, and other parts. This is why auto body collision repair often consists of wheel alignment and other internal work.

#2 It’s Not So Easy To Tell Anymore

Back a decade or so, it could be pretty easy to tell whether a vehicle had been part of a crash. The way to tell was to run a magnet through the metal; parts that had been fixed up with filler could be easily identified. Advancements in technology in the field, however, have made it to where dents can be repaired and reshaped without the need for fillers.

#3 Huge Leaps in Repair Quality

It used to be that any car that had been in a collision was never quite the same again. After any crash, your car was marked for life as inferior. With today’s technology, a well-repaired vehicle can be as good as new and run well for years to come.

#4 Dent Repair Has Come A Long Way

Today, paintless dent repair means that technicians can bend the metal back into its original shape without having to take anything apart. The technique is called paintless dent repair and requires specialized knowledge and tools of working with the car frame to carefully re-mold the metal.

#5 A Plethora of Tools

Working on the body of a car is a specialized skill that requires plenty of understanding and special knowledge of tools. Technicians will be versatile in using a variety of tools and are constantly training with new technologies and methods. Some of the tools used for body repair include pneumatic tools, metal cutting guns, plasma cutters, hydraulic jacks and hammers, or basic hand tools like pliers, wrenches, or screwdrivers.

#6 The Choice Is In Your Hands

If you are involved in a car accident, and your vehicle requires auto body repair you will need to take it into a auto body repair shop. It is important that drivers understand that the insurance company cannot force you to go to a particular shop. You have the right to choose the establishment you want to take your car to.

#7 Identify a Good Shop By Technicians

If you find yourself looking for a body repair shop, you might have a few choices available but the best one will always involve a shop that has certified technicians. Look for ASE or i-Car certifications.

Get Your Car Looking New Again

Here at Lone Star Collision, we not only have fully i-Car certified technicians that have years of experience and trainings under their belt, but we take great pride in our work. We approach each car like a work of art and make sure that every detail is smoothed out and your car runs and looks like new. If you need body work on your car, give us a call today.


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