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Lone Star Collision Works on All Types of Vehicles

Whether you have a small economy car or a large work truck, Lone Star Collision Center is a fully-equipped state-of-the-arts auto body shop that handles any and all types of jobs. All of our technicians have vast experience working with a variety of paints, car types, and collisions.

The industry has experienced important changes recently. In previous years, vehicles were painted with acrylic lacquer but today, we mostly use a base coat/clear coat (lacquer) finish. Some custom paint jobs and speciality jobs will require an acrylic lacquer for particular finishes.

About the Process

The process of painting really depends on whether there is some body work needed in addition to the paint or refinishing job. The main parts of the process are relatively similar, however, as there is always some initial prep work. The base coat of paint is what defines the car’s color. It is applied on top of the primer and helps to bond it with the steel, aluminium, and plastic underneath. The top coat is the shiny coat that gives the car the final shine and is sprayed on top of the base coat in several layers, depending on the texture and final look desired.

Here’s a breakdown of each step:

#1 Complete necessary body work. If body work is needed, our techs handle that first then sand the surface, replace necessary parts, prime then seal the needed areas.

#2 Prep work. The prep work consists of removing emblems, sanding, and prepping. We also clean and tape over windows and chrome to protect it from the paint.

#3 Painting. The Painting process usually begins with a special sprayer. A top coat is applied. Then we let it cure and dry out before the second coat is applied.

#4 Detailing. This is near the final stages. A detailer will remove the tape and covering.

#5 Top Coat and Lacquer. We use lacquer in one or two coats.

Estimated Timeline

Lone Star Collision Center services about 20 full vehicle paint jobs a month, so our auto body shop is always at full gear! Our auto techs work quickly and efficiently. A paint job may take anywhere from one to a couple of days.

Types of Paint Used

Depending on your vehicle and what your desired look, you will have the choice of several different types of car paint. Below are two of the most popular and widely used:

Solid & Metallic: Most cars will have a solid color paint, where it is a solid color topped with a clear coat to protect against the elements. Metallic paints are quite similar only they have splashes of powdered metal, which reflect particles of light a little more, giving the finish a sparkling and appealing effect.

Pearlescent: The description is in the name itself. The paint gives your car a much more pearly and luminescent glow. Similar to the metallic paints, the pearlescent paints replace the powdered metal with ceramic crystals that reflect and refract light, which enhances the shine.

About Our Warranty

We offer a lifetime workmanship on all of our auto body repairs and body work. Our paint jobs are also guaranteed for a full year!

Call the Best Auto Body Shop in the El Paso Area

Lone Star Collision Center services the entire El Paso region. We are located at 700 Horizon Blvd in Socorro, Texas. If you have any questions about our auto painting services, give us a call at 915-303-7750.