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A Brief and Fascinating Look at Technology and the Automotive Industry

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We all remember the scene where Marty McFly travels to the future and encounters flying cars zooming through the air. While we are not yet seeing cars floating through the skies, the advancements in automotive technology have taken incredible strides. From sophisticated electronics inside vehicles to better repair methods and improved collision repair technologies, to self-driving cars, the future is still opening up to us every day.

The history of the car goes all the way back to the turn of the twentieth century. In 1908 when Ford first produced its Model T, and entire Pandora’s Box was open. Nothing would ever be the same, as Ford was not the only car company of the era, but all of them were feverishly working on the new automobile technology. It didn’t take long for electric ignition starters and coil spring suspension to become a regular part of the automobile. Because smoking was big in the early 1990s, a cigarette lighter was introduced as well and would remain an important part of the vehicle’s accessories for a long time!

By mid-century power steering was the new addition and within the same decade cruise control, the first air conditioning, and seatbelts were also added to the mix. Who can forget the cassette and stereos in the 1970s, as many hippies would not be what they were without them. Then came everything from electric windows, the catalytic converter, on-board diagnostics and so on.

Some More Recent Technologies

About 100 years after the original automobile was created, there were already incredible strides taking place in the automotive tech industry. We saw such technologies as a rearview backup camera, hybrid and electric vehicles, Bluetooth integration, and airbags throughout the vehicle.

Then Came Artificial Intelligence

People working on the early models of the Ford Model T could not have imagined the strides that humanity would take with the vehicle in just one hundred years. Surely they did not foresee that somewhere along the way there would be a car that could drive itself. Of course, this technology is not yet perfected and has, in fact, presented a lot of problems in the experimentation state. Nevertheless, it has brought up a lot of important questions about just how much control we want to relinquish to machines. A lot of today’s cars have already adopted semi-self driving capabilities in their newer and more sophisticated models. In March of 2018, an autonomous Uber hit a woman in the streets of Arizona in what was the first reported fatal crash involving a self-driving vehicle. In March of 2019, a fatal crash with a Tesla car sent a crew to investigate, although it is yet unknown if the autopilot systems were working at the time or if they were in any way a factor.   

The Effects to the Auto Body Industry

And as car construction progresses and improves, the auto body industry must adapt to the changing techniques of auto construction. In one way, the auto body world has had to adopt includes the increased used of aluminum in cars. Improvements in some of the tools we use for dent repair have also improved the results.

Trust the Body Experts at Lone Star Collision

Lone Star Collision trains technicians in today’s latest innovations and techniques. Improving the quality and efficiency of our work is always our top priority and we are here to get your car back to beautiful after a crash. Call us today for an estimate or to find out more about the kind of repairs we can do to your vehicle.

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